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My ultimate goal is to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy. To do this, I work at the intersection of entrepreneurship, communication, and experience design.


The circular economy is a complex system that is still in its infancy. There is still some work to be done in order to convince changemakers and citizens of its necessity and advantages. As such, new business models are just one piece of the pie. Storytelling and Experience Design are necessary conditions for accelerating the transition. After all, facts don’t change our minds; stories and experiences do.

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Branded Experiences

Invite me to build experience touchpoints that stick with people long after the initial event. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Presentation and Keynotes

Book me to give keynotes or talks on circularity in action and share stories from our re:generation that motivate people to act.

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Visual and Written Content

 Leverage my subject matter expertise to build written & visual content which is anchored in circular thinking.

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Circular Business Models

Bootstrapping a platform to share the power of products-as-a-service to collectively move

 from consumerism to 'userism'.

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