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Bringing the concept of a circular economy to life via an immersive experience in collaboration with media artist Felipe VDDS.


The hexagon consists of an open platform that can be filled with a variety of themed objects (e.g. plants, waste materials). The structure is mounted, so viewers can experience the landscape at eye-level by placing their heads within the terrarium-like structure.

A complimentary 360° audio experience is then designed to reinforce the theme using built-in speakers on the side panels. What's more, the roof of the structure consists of a plate featuring a laser-cut Fibonacci sequence - a pattern that can be widely observed in nature and serves as a reminder of the connectedness between nature and circular systems.

Personal highlights:

  • Producing the audio installation:

  • Swapping circular textbooks for a circular saw and getting hands-on with building the wooden structure

  • Translating scientific papers on the 'Extinction of Experience' into an actual experience.

  • Securing funding and municipal support for the installation

  • Researching microbial markets and the hidden life of trees to eloquently convey nature's natural cycles

  • Executing branded exhibitions for local events and organizations (e.g. Steck Bosbaden Weekend, Grounded Fest, Duurzame Week 2021)

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