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Circle That

A community-driven agency for circular ideas


Building a community and business from the ground up, while going through endless cycles of trial and error was exhilarating, exhausting, surprising, and everything in between. Most of all, Circle That has been my platform to truly stretch those entrepreneurial and leadership muscles.

Personal highlights:

  • Developing event series, crowd campaigns, and branded experiences

  • Winning the 'Circular Compliment' Audienceprice awarded by the municipality of Utrecht

  • Securing funding, municipal support, and business partnerships

  • Managing and mentoring Circle That's research interns and volunteers

  • Representing Circle That among others at TEDx Utrecht, Podcast Kagardoor, University Utrecht & Leiden 

Selected Work




The power lies in the crowd. 

Together we mobilized citizens to take action towards a circular future by getting a replantable Christmas tree.  We designed a variety of campaign assets and experience touchpoints to get citizens in touch with the concept of a  circular take-back model. This way, Christmas trees returned to where they belonged: back into the ground.

Win #1: 1211 Utrechters chose for a plantable Christmas tree! Our goal has thus been exceeded by 211 circular citizens.

Win #2: 300 more trees were planted in collaboration with Trees for All via citizens signing the circular pledge.

Win #3: Storytelling and media coverage made an unpopular circular option - like tree rental - the most desirable. 

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 11.26.50.png



Bringing circular construction to life.  

Utrecht's Dom Tower is in restoration until 2024. Van Dom tot Steengoed ensures that as many pieces of the Dom - no matter how small - are being reused. By the end of 2024, the residual material from the restoration of the Dom Tower will be fully circular, owned by private individuals and companies and incorporated into all kinds of Utrecht products and initiatives.  As part of that, Circle That got asked to activate its community and contribute to the project by creating an event series and experience touchpoints. 

Learn more about our friends at Van Dom Tot Steengoed.


Our Reason for Existence

"New forms of collaboration, consumer culture and a sense of community touch the heart of the system transition. By scaling Circle That activities, they can certainly contribute to accelerating the circular transition in Utrecht. There are currently not many initiatives that work in this field. Circle That is aimed at building a community of citizens, and thus jumps into this gap."

- Circular Audience Prize 2021

© Agnes Weber 2021

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