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Content Creator

Ever since embarking on my Au-Pair experience, I started filming and producing video content which got distributed via social channels to 31.500 subscribers. While the themes and objects in front of my lens have changed since then, my enthusiasm for creative content hasn’t. 


I honed my production skills during my internship at the global advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. Currently, I'm putting my content creation skills to the test by executing a variety of filmmaking and production briefs and managing short-form content for social media accounts.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Selection of work:

AIFS Educational Travel, Thailand

I completed a three part video series to promote volunteer experiences in Thailand in cooperation with a german travel agency. The dedicated uploads were supported by weekly Instagram uploads and a LiveChat on both Instagram and Facebook.

University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

The topic of studying abroad has always been received very positively with my audience. Coincidentally, I got asked by the university's communications team to convey the essence of my bachelors study "Creative Business' - ultimately answering prospective student's most prevalent questions.

Stichting De Terugkeer, Amsterdam

I contributed to the marketing efforts of an exhibition via the Stadsarchiv Amsterdam related to the experience of ‘coming home’ after World War II. I was responsible for drafting the creative strategy, creating the imaging plan and visuals, and set up a creative brief designed to engage influencers in the campaign. Besides that, I set up and launched a dedicated website, a place where all social media efforts directed the audience to.

Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

In order to promote Vapiano's core values I was asked to create a collection of 10 short videos to be uploaded on Facebook and one in-depth Youtube video piece. All videos took place at the Italian restaurant and featured a variety of employees.

KFC, Wieden+Kennedy

At Wieden+Kennedy creativity doesn't happen in silos. This is why I was able to stretch my creative and strategic muscles, even though my position was in Account Management. This rang true when a piece of content that I initially created for an internal newsletter was picked up and featured on a client’s social media account.

Hutsune, Bilbao

By creating a juxtaposition between not only dialogue and image, but also between people of contrasting backgrounds, this piece aims to highlight the beauty in the mundane, the magic in the overlooked and human interaction in public spaces. The viewer is invited to take a seat in the scene as the silent observer, while a curated series of moments is presented.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 11.26.50.png

"Agnes travelled to Thailand to take part in our volunteer projects and produce content for our social media accounts. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Agnes professionally, the videos produced were on point and inspire our customers ever since to get to know our volunteer projects themselves. I therefore highly recommend working with Agnes and hope that we will have the chance for further collaborations."

- Adam Ernst, AIFS Educational Travel


© Agnes Weber 2021

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