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The Hive x Circle That

The ask:

How can we bring the concept of a circular economy to life?

The answer:

A circular economy is all about mimicking natural systems and cycles. Thus, one of the best ways to make circularity a lived and seen experience is by using nature itself. The Hive got filled with a miniature forest ecosystem allowing you to see circular systems of nature up close. Based on the Japanese concept "shinrin-yoku" also known as forestbathing or bosbaden.

The Hive x Van Dom tot Steengoed


The ask:

How can we bring the circular renovation of Utrecht's Dom to life?

The answer:

Utrecht's Domtower is being renovated in a circular manner. Yet, showcasing the circular construction to the citizens and enticing them to join the idea contest begs for a special platform. In the Hive, the restmaterial of the Dom found a temporary home, along with an audio experience alluding to the Dom's historic value. Leaving visitors ready to join the mission reuse

The Hive x Steck


The ask:

How can we bring the Ode aan de plant to life?

The answer:

Steck’s 'Ode aan de plant' are poems written by plant-loving poets all over Utrecht. All poems were recorded by Utrechters of all ages - 5 year olds and 65 year olds alike. Using The Hive as a platform, the poems then formed the soundscape inside the hexagon. During the 'Bosbaden Weekend' Steck's visitors got to step in and listen along to the collective poem. 

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